Arofine - A legacy of finesse

Arofine holds a long standing legacy of developing highly specialized adhesives for more than 150 diverse industrial and general purpose applications. With industry leading R&D capabilities, Arofine has scored several firsts in unfolding new frontiers in adhesive application engineering.

About Our Company

Quickly gaining a thorough understanding of your challenges to create a fitting adhesive solution remains one of Arofine's biggest strength.

Arofine exports to five countries and serves more than 5,000 industrial customers with seven solid brands under its umbrella collectively serving more than ten industry segments. The presence in more than eighty cities, dedicated fleet of vehicles and super efficient processes gives an unparalleled edge to Arofine's distribution capabilities.

Rapid turnaround time for the most specialized, customised adhesives is one of Arofine's key capability, thanks to a fully automated production process that also makes it highly agile and flexible.

Our Advantages

Long standing experience in process know-how, extensive application understanding and ability to develop tailor-made products that meet your specific needs.

A wide selection of adhesives that have successfully met the needs of industrial customers, end-users and consumers for numerous applications for over three decades.

exclusive quality testing equipment and processes that are continually upgraded to deliver only the best products for all your applications.

With exports to over 5 countries, Arofine has a strong and established distribution network. With our 80 + distributors and direct sales outlet in Mumbai and Pune we ensure quick and timely delivery.

5000 Industrial

9 Brands

10+ Industry

Exports to
5 Countries

ISO 90001:2008

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