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About us

We are a company erected on the foundation of our core values - enhanced quality, sustainable innovation and environmental conscientiousness. Our two manufacturing facilities, multiple brands, exceptional distribution channels, 100+ employees and R&D capabilities are a part of our pride and success. All these achievements are augmented by certifications granted to us for our adherence to environmental obligations and responsibility. Arofine Polymers was first envisaged in a small garage in Bhosari, India in the year 1975. In three decades of our existence, we have been in a constant pursuit of fortifying the brand potency and enriching the life of our customers. In line with our values and the constant dedication the company has grown over the decades with an ever-increasing pool of loyal customers. Over the years, Arofine Polymers has also been able to take up projects, both large scale and small, which in turn provided the proficiency and excellence in over 150+ industrial and household applications seen today. Our core values revolve around the three pillars of our actuality – Employees, Customers & Suppliers. We aim to build lasting relationships based on trust, openness and growth with our employees. We persevere to build relationships based on harmony and togetherness with our suppliers. We aspire to build perennial relationships based on quality and endurance with our customers. It is our belief that if our relationships with the three pillars are built of endurance, we can change the landscape of the industry as we know it.



To pioneer sustainable industrial production and pave path for innovation and growth in ecofriendly production activities



To achieve our vision through

  • Creating, maintaining and growing sustainable production processes
  • Developing and fostering R&D that transform the adhesive industry
  • Endorsing and highlighting our core values - enhanced quality, sustainable innovation and environmental conscientiousness in every aspect of our organization
  • Constantly catering to our three pillars of our actuality – Employees, Customers & Suppliers.
  • 1985

    One of the few companies in India to successfully develop adhesives for BOPP packaging.

  • 1995

    Arobond 555, one of the earliest development of side pasting adhesive on laminated cartons launched in the market.

  • 2002

    Introduces a range of flooring adhesives.

  • 2008

    State-of-the art fully automated plant at Chakan with 5,000 MT capacity begins production.

  • 2014

    25,000 sq.ft. world-class warehousing capacity.

Our Team

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    Pramod Pardhy

    Director - Production & Planning

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    Ameya Khot

    Head - Technology Centre

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    Arjun Nadkarni

    Director - Marketing

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    Jagdish Nadkarni


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    S.B. Sardesai

    Finance Director

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    Vinay V. Ghotge

    Research & Development

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    Ajit N Khot

    Purchase Director