Arofine Polymers has always been the strength behind the curtains of many big players in the automobile manufacturing industry. For every requirement, be it insulation or sound dampening, we can provide specific solutions at the most competitive prices.

The Arofine Force

Arofine Polymers offers pressure sensitive adhesives that allow in optimal processing and production for our clients. Our products are tested in various extreme conditions and have always withstood with great fortitude.

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Our pressure sensitive adhesives allow for numerous applications in the automobile industry without cause to worry. Through extreme testing, we provide our clients only with the best and safest product for their manufacturing process.

Our adhesives also offer high heat resistant making it perfect for use in the automobile industry.

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Method of Application Solids Bonding Strength Viscosity Gloss Wetting Properties Rheological Properties Description
AROBOND - 82 Manual & Machine NA For Foam to Metal Pasting
AROCRYL® - 896 Machine NA For Foam to Metal Pasting
AROSTIK - 805 Machine NA Solvent based adhesive for foam to metal pasting
ACROSOL - 14 Manual NA Water based Flame Retardent Coating

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