All the production of Arofine Polymers occurs in two manufacturing facilities in Bhosari and Chakan, Pune.

One of two manufacturing facilities in Chakan is completely automated and programmed to ensure the creation of consistent quality of adhesives. With the exclusion of human intervention, we have eradicated any scope of errors and inconsistencies in our products. Our manufacturing facilities has more than 20 reactors and a combined capacity of 10,000 MT. The facilities operate with precise controls over evolved process parameters to produce the superior grade of products that we see today.

Our automated plant is competent of producing bulk volumes of products which can be custom created to suit our client requirements. Our production team are experienced specialists with an extensive contextual practice in chemical engineering and design. Any scale of specific requirements of our clients that needs to be custom created are designed and produced by our experts who ensure that only safe, high quality products are supplied to our customers. Our in-house quality control team are assigned to check every batch leaving our facility, to ensure that our customers receive consistent, superior grade of products.

Our competence to cater to constantly evolving demands from the diverse set of industries that are our clientele and our automated facilities have made us the preferred choice in the industry. We create, test and deliver customized products at a fastest time frame, while adhering to the highest levels of quality and quantity demanded by our customers. Our specialized laboratory with advanced equipment has gained us the conviction and loyalty of every customer we have had the privilege to serve.