Arofine Polymers has delivered fine quality, affordable adhesives to the furniture industry for decades. Our commitment to constantly innovate has allowed us to guarantee durability, flexibility and strength.

The Arofine Aptitude

Arofine Polymers have been present in the furniture market for quite a while and in the time, has managed to grow its consumer base owing to its affordability and quality. Due to the multitude of applications, our adhesives can be found providing flexibility and sturdiness to furniture used for innumerable purposes.

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Our water-resistant adhesives ensure durability against all imaginable climatic and external conditions. Our products are easy to use and function expertly to fulfil their designed purposes.

To cater to the growing size of the modular furniture market, Arofine Polymers have steadily increased their technical and manufacturing capabilities to take on long-term orders of any size.

Our products cater to a variety of applications in the furniture industry and provides solutions to products in high-pressure environments. Our tried and tested range of products can fulfil any requirements you might have, no matter how challenging.

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Method of Application Solids Bonding Strength Viscosity Rheological Properties Description
AROBOND - 65 Manual Wood working adhesive for general purpose applications
AROBOND - 69 Manual Wood working adhesive for pasting PVC Membrane to MDF Board
AROBOND - 77 Manual Heat & Water Resistant D3 Adhesive

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