Arofine Polymers produces a specific range of pressure sensitive adhesives primarily focused to fulfil an increasing demand by the textile industry. These adhesives are used to offer ease of manufacturing during the printing process in textile industry.

The Arofine Allure

Arofine Polymers offers excellent water based and solvent based PSAs which are used for niche applications in the textile industry. Our products are created to meet the diverse demands and paradigms of the industry.

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Our solutions cater to a specific range of applications within the textile industry. Our products are specifically designed by the parameters required by our customers.

Our affordable and exceptional quality products are produced in an eco-friendly manner, with a strong focus on the safety of the end user.

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Product Method of Application Solids Bonding Strength Viscosity Description
ACROTECH ™-67 Manual NA Water based APEO free binder for manufacturing PVC free plastisol inks
AROSTIK - 751 Manual Solvent based Pressure Sensitive adhesive utilised during manufacturing process of screen printing on T-Shirts

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